Monday, February 14, 2011

ABOUT: the READ project

the READ project is a way of sharing God's gift. it intends to help both the kids and the people behind.

through the READ project, kids will be able to listen to different kinds of values-enriched book stories that will help awaken their imagination and fill them with learning. 

meanwhile, it is also the READ project's aim to help young adults or the youth to share their God-given talent, as well as their time through reading a book to the kids and inspire them to do the same along the way.

the READ project believes that reading is a tool towards a child's growth emotionally, mentally and psychologically.

the READ project also believes that kids deserve to listen to wonderfully crafted children's books and stories. it is our desire that through doing this project, these kids will learn to love and hone their passion for reading.

the READ project believes that reading can do a lot in molding a kid. it won't only help in the kids' mental enhancement, but that it will also help in molding the kids' character.

the READ project believes that reading is a passion that can be passed on to generations. it is a passion that will help build a brighter and smarter nation.

the READ project was based on one's passion to read, and it is through that passion that this project is being pushed through. 

the READ project believes that as long as someone is willing to help, all the kids of this generation and the generations to come will be able to share the same passion, and eventually create a nation that reads.

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