Monday, February 28, 2011

TRP's 4 Ws and 1 H

- anyone who loves me (kidding!), i mean, anyone who believes in this project
- anyone who intends to give me gift for my birthday
- anyone who would want to share time, effort, and whatever
- anyone with a big heart!

- the READ project: passing the passion of reading to the next generation
  a not-an-ordinary treat to kids of a selected barangay

- sometime in June  2011 (exact date and time will be posted when final)

- (to be posted when final)

- the READ project aims to give a book to each kid who will be invited (note that these are underprivileged kids). thus, anyone who could give an old or new (doesn't matter as long as it is readable) children's book will be much appreciated.
- you can also spare your time and share a little effort on the day itself by being part of the TRP team. there will be a designation of tasks. at the moment, i am looking at having five (5) people to do "reading a book" session to the kids. the rest will probably be in-charge of the food and the rest of the program.
- cash is okay, but "in kind" will be much more appreciated. :)
- for inquiries, you may do so by posting a comment in here or emailing at

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