Sunday, February 13, 2011

HISTORY: the dream (that is soon to be real)

this is a realization of a long-time dream.

when i was a kid, my dream of creating a change sprouted. i've always wanted to be part of something that is for the good of the many. i have always dreamed of one day, putting up a foundation that will help kids live their lives to the fullest (but putting up a foundation requires too much and needs a lot of time, effort and money).

when i was growing up, i tried to look for a group where i could start help make a change. unfortunately, i wasn't able to look for one. but the willingness did not end there. growing up, i have always these words instilled in my heart and in my mind, "you don't need to be rich to be able to make a change, and do something good to others."

with the graces of the Good Lord, the willingness to make a change and be different is now becoming a passion that lives in my heart and mind. 

in the year 2010, i thought of doing a social work for my birthday. again, unfortunately, i wasn't able to do so. there were a couple of changes in my life that i forgot about the supposedly plan. but my hopes of doing something for other people less fortunate than i am never left.

at a recent conversation with a former colleague and friend, i told her about doing something for my birthday. i told her that i am planning to do a social work. surprisingly, she responded enthusiastically. she eventually gave me an idea on what, where, and how to do it. there i felt God is really pushing me to do it. then, i was scared of what others might say. i was scared of other people's reaction and opinion. but this time, i don't care anymore. 

i do not dream of becoming a hero or a saint. but yes, i dream of becoming different from the rest. i want to be one of those who make a lot of difference in their lives.

i remember that one of my life's goals is to inspire other people. now, i can say that through this little idea, i will be able to realize that goal.

it is and it will never be too late to do something good for others.

this year, before my birthday, will be the birth of a project that is based from my interest, and is inspired by a childhood dream.

i intend to do it not just this year, but God's will, until He tells me to stop.

i still have more than three months before my birthday, and before the realization of this project. there's still a lot of things to do. a lot of things might happen along, but with God's help, i know this is going to happen. with God's grace, i believe it will happen.

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